Design Bureau, Nov/Dec 2012: Gary Lee!!!!!!!

I LOVE DESIGN BUREAU!!!!!!!!!!  A magazine all about things I love, designed beautifully, printed on awesome paper that feels good to touch!:)  AND they asked me to photograph the incredibly talented designer, Gary Lee, in his Merchandise Mart showroom.  Coincidentally, the day we needed to shoot, Gary Lee Partners had hired the super cool photographer, Tony Soluri (who just happens to be my former studio mate!), to shoot some interior shots for them.  I don’t know if all photographers would play nice in this situation, but Tony & I had a great time!:)

Gary said he wore these socks special for me!  I don’t know how he would have known about my obsession for aqua or how he would have known I had to photograph the saddle as soon as I saw it!  I think perhaps he was just messing with me!;)  Either way, Gary Lee is AWESOME!!!!:)

LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you Gary Lee!!!!!!!:

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Assistants: Lyndon French & Jason Lemon

One Response to “Design Bureau, Nov/Dec 2012: Gary Lee!!!!!!!”

  1. John Carney Says:

    Are you going to be in Ft. Myers. Beach fot Taanksgiv. ?

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