Reader’s Best People!!!

Last winter (yes, I said last winter, yikes we’ve been busy!!!!) we had the pleasure of photographing some amazing people for Chicago Reader‘s People issue.

I could never pick a favorite, but I’ve certainly spent the most time with, the extremely talented and super inspiring Brian Posen: artistic director of Stage 773, mastermind behind SketchFest, program head at Second City Training Center, Columbia College instructor, and founder/director of The Cupid Players (go see this show!).  Seriously, with this kind of resume, does this guy ever sleep???:)

Erica Michie is a super talented, super cute, super sweet Industrial Designer who wants to use her knowledge and skills to solve problems and help people!:)  We photographed her at the design & branding firm where she was interning, Streng Design; we were hoping to see some of their top secret projects, maybe next time!:)Lisa Martain Hoffer is a patient care coordinator for South Suburban HIV/AIDS Regional Clinics-not only benevolent and beautiful but one of the funniest people I have had the pleasure of photographing!

Jamil Khoury is the artistic director and co-founder of Silk Road Rising.  He’s also an awesome guy who we would have hung out with all day if we could have, especially when we started talking about punk rock shows and what it means to be straight edge (none of us are btw!). Jamil, you rock!:) 

Kelly Williams & Dan Abbate, are the power couple behind Gorilla Tango Theatre where you can see amazingly funny and sexy women perform burlesque shows with characters based on Star Wars, Super Mario Bros, Star Trek, GI Joe, and Indiana Jones just to name a few!  Watch for our upcoming blog post featuring a few of these super fine ladies!

4 Responses to “Reader’s Best People!!!”

  1. Lisa, your portraits are very engaging, very subject-friendly, and the compositions and settings bring out the humanity of your subjects.

    John R:

  2. Great post. You need to keep them coming. I especially think the world of Jamil! Oh and we need to get together.

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