Vagrant Nobility: Awesome clothes, Awesome dudes:)

I was very excited when Michael Morarity from Vagrant Nobility emailed me to see if I was interested in collaborating!  When he offered up his retouching skills as part of the deal, there was no turning back!  Since then, Mr. Morarity and I have spent several hours working at dueling computers and I can tell you he not only knows great design but he’s a pretty fantastic guy too.

More importantly, check out the clothes and BUY THEM HERE!!!!!!!!!:)  Vagrant Nobility, created by Michael Morarity and Tim Tierney, is Chicago made men’s fashion with a timeless aesthetic or more simply: awesome clothes made by awesome dudes.:)  Thanks fellas for giving me the opportunity to collaborate with you, and to once again photograph one of my favorite male models, the very handsome Kevin Day!:)

Awesome dudes:), Tim and Mike:

Model: Kevin Day
Assistants: Joanna Patterson, Lyndon French
Retouching: Michael Morarity, Sami (heart over the i) Hylla

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