Halls Allergy: ANGRY!!! …but sweet!

It’s not everyday a photographer is able to give fun, yet contradictory, direction to her talent like, “ANGRY!!! …but sweet!:)” which happens to go hand in hand with my love of the sweet and sinister (be sure to check out the secretary images on my website, “Good Morning Doll, Good Night Sweetheart”).  And it’s not every model who’s able to pull it off; Lauren Johnson from Ford rocked it out!!  I am thankful to a couple truly awesome guys, Josh Peters and Neil Danaher, as well as DraftFCB for the opportunity to work on this super fun concept for Halls!:)  Everything about this job made me smile from to start to finish: the casting day (so wish I could show these!), fantastic shoot with great (and also adorable) clients and crew, a wrap party with open swinging (yes, an actual swing hung from our 16 foot ceilings!), editing the photos the next day in my Nashville hotel room before going to see the Grand Ole Opry, and of course being able to share it all with you!:)


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Yep, still smiling!;)

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