Design Bureau, Issue 8: Event Creative, A Photographer’s Dream

If you haven’t seen Design Bureau yet, go buy a subscription NOW!!!! Based in Chicago, it is a magazine featuring all kinds of design-and it’s, of course, designed beautifully.  Issue #5 has a fashion section with type treatments so fantastic I want to hang them on my wall! And the PAPER, you really need to feel this paper!:)

Issue #8 was just released, and I’m thrilled to be a contributor!

Thank you Design Bureau for sending me to photograph Kelly Wagner, Phil Cooper, and Melissa Kirby, all talented designers part of the Event Creative team (as of the article release date, Phil however has moved on to another company). Walking into their giant warehouse for the first time, I could feel the energetic buzz of creativity! On staff designers, lighting techs, & carpenters (only a few of the endless crew specialties!) all work harmoniously to produce not just events but experiences. It all happens amongst rows upon rows, and stacks upon stacks, of props, lighting, and raw building materials.  If only I could have the run of this place for a week-the sets we could create!!!!!:)

Special thanks to Mr. Cooper for giving me a shot that will forever make me smile!:) Family portrait below also includes Gigi-Event Creative’s official mascot!

3 Responses to “Design Bureau, Issue 8: Event Creative, A Photographer’s Dream”

  1. […] a very talented Chicago photographer, also had wrote about her experience at the EC warehouse here.  So check it […]

  2. Nice, the pictures really standout! Lovely photography, the colour really does stand out with this.

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