♥♡♥ GRACELAND ♥♡♥!!!!!

The first time I stood outside the gates of Graceland I was 7 years old. As we arrived, it was dark, raining, and hours had past since the last tour. We were all exhausted from the drive, but still enthusiastic about jumping out of the car, even if it was just to peer through the gates.

My mom is the one who of course inspired this first pilgrimage!:) I can remember being a kid and dancing with her to Elvis records in our very 70’s family room. She and I watched countless Elvis movies together (somehow my dad and brother always had other things to do!).  And EVERY Christmas we listened to the two (one is not enough!) Elvis Christmas albums she had as we decorated the tree and again as we opened presents-a tradition I still honor!:)

I think most people who know me, know: I LOVE ELVIS! And I love it all-young Elvis, old Elvis, the good movies, the bad movies (maybe I love the bad movies just a little bit more!), even Elvis tribute artists. Seriously, how can you not love a man in a bedazzled jumpsuit?!

I was very excited to be in Memphis recently, and of course had to visit Graceland once again!:) Mom, this one is for you!:)

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