Chicago Magazine November 2011: Donuts or Doughnuts?


I do not like eating doughnuts.  There, I said it!  I think I am perhaps the one person not interested in standing in line 3 hours at that new place downtown.;) Certainly a lover of sweets, my weakness lies in desserts filled with that deadly combo of sugar plus a touch of salt or just about anything Vosges makes with dark chocolate!  Mmmmmmmm!  Photographically however, DOUGHNUTS ARE FANTASTIC!!:)  Seriously, the variety, the shape, the colors, and of course the more sprinkles the better!!  Makes me wonder, maybe I should go stand in that long line just to see what my camera is missing?!!:) I was very excited when Chicago Magazine asked me to photograph their story about doughnuts and the family that loves them!  Meet the Loevys and the Segals, a family so fun we are hoping to be invited to their next family get together!:) 

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