Time Out Chicago, Issue 345: 20 Chefs to Watch

Attractive, sweet, and these people can COOK!  Check out these super fine ladies and gentleman we photographed for Time Out’s 20 Chefs to Watch!  And when you are looking for a place to eat, be sure to visit their restaurants-we’ve attached links just to make it a little easier for you!:)   A special thanks to Clarke’s on DamenBonny’s, and El Cid for providing us with locations for our chefs’ after hours hangouts!

L to R: Justin White – Small Bar, Jessica Carney – GT Fish, Abe Conlon – XMarx, Jesse Katzman – Avec, John Anderes – Telegraph, Dennis Stover – Big Star, Rachel Slivicki – HotChocolate.
L to R: Jennifer Petrusky – GT Fish, Jaime Canete – Purple Pig, Jonathan Zaragoza – Birrieria Zaragoza, Erin Mooney – Custom House, Joe Doren – Franks and Dawgs, Joe Frillman – Perennial Virant, Cameron Waron – Belly Shack, Jesse Williams – Birchwood Kitchen

L to R: Matt Kirkley – L20, Michael Simmons – Lula, Maggie Laleman – Bite, Jan Rickerl – Girl & the Goat, Duncan Biddulph – Rootstock

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