When I heard about the Polaroid/Bust Magazine Ladies of Polaroid Contest, it was screaming my name, and I could not resist!!!  Polaroid has always been a huge part of my own photography, starting with the magical SX-70 camera I grew up with!  I have a collection of Vintage (and new!) Polaroid Cameras and even did a little research to make sure the camera we photographed was appropriate for the time period of the set.  Combine all this with my love for Bust Magazine and it was a done deal!  Super talented crew assembled and we were shooting in no time!:)

Vintage Set + Beautiful Girl + Polaroid Camera x Lisa Predko Photography = True Love ♥

Keep an eye out for our winning photo (seen below) in an upcoming Polaroid Land Camera manual!  Check us out, along with some of the other winners on LandCamera.com or consider picking up a camera which will be named after our photograph!

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Model: Katie Sniadach, Agency Galatea
Stylist: Liz Klafeta
Hair & Makeup: Martina Sykes
Retouching: Sarah Crump
Assistants: Sarah Crump, Joanna Patterson, and Sean Gallagher
Wardrobe Assistant: Curtis Cassell
And a special thank you to Geoff Benge!!

5 Responses to “WE WON!! WE WON!!!!”

  1. You are made of AWESOME!

  2. YAY! Congratulations Lisa! It’s beautiful!

  3. awesome! congrats!

  4. I love this on so many levels. Wonderfulness.

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