Kartemquin’s Justine Nagan & Maria Finitzo: Typeface

After having the pleasure to spend time with both Executive Director Justine Nagan and Executive Producer Maria Finitzo, I was thrilled to finally see their film Typeface on WTTW last night!  Typeface highlights The Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, which houses one of the premier wood type collections in the world (I REALLY want to go visit!!).  If you missed it, check your local listings for the replay or purchase your own DVD for a limited time here.  Also, be sure to check out some of the ultra cool Typeface swag made by some of the talented artists featured in the film!

Justine Nagan (Outtake from Chicago Magazine)

Maria Finitzo

One Response to “Kartemquin’s Justine Nagan & Maria Finitzo: Typeface”

  1. yongshuling Says:

    Glad you enjoyed Typeface! I organized an after-dinner screening with my 5 roommates to watch it together too. :)

    Have you heard about Maria and Justine’s latest project?

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