Little (Raybestos ’64) GTO!

Raybestos is back!  Last year we talked shop with Troy Ladd while he was building the ’32 Roadster Pickup for Raybestos at Hollywood Hot Rods out in Burbank, CA.  This year we were lucky to work again with the same team of 426 Inc. and Schilling Film, but this time in our very own backyard!  We visited the fellas at Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle here in Chicagoland to talk about the ’64 GTO they’re building for this year’s contest which officially starts on June 15.  Click on the image below for a little preview!:

Pictured here are partners Chad Hill and master builder Kevin Tully:

And just for fun, a little behind the scenes clip where two of our crew members snuck up on me during the still shoot setup!  Thank you Angela Mata! ;) I love my job!!!:

For more behind the scenes photos check out our facebook album!

One Response to “Little (Raybestos ’64) GTO!”

  1. Hmmm….I wonder who took that really cute video of you

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