Crain’s Chicago Business February 21, 2011: Mike Philippi

A wise photographer once taught me, with every subject you photograph, it’s important to find that “thing” that connects you.  This point was made amidst portraits of bankers; one might think bankers and photographers don’t have much to talk about, but it turned into an extremely chatty day!  The same thing happened as soon as we walked into lawyer, Mike Philippi’s office.  As we were setting up,  I quickly spied some amazing vintage black and white photographs on the wall of a police officer (Philippi’s dad), as well as the full on coffee station IN his office-nice!  This encounter quickly escalated to awesome the minute Mr. Philippi walked in with his Elvis coffee mug!! Seriously, could it get any better?  The answer, of course, is yes!  Mike is a food critic for Chicago Lawyer Magazine, and one of his favorite restaurants is La Scarola (also a favorite of mine, and right by my studio!)!  Had we been able to spend more time there, we might have found even more of those “things”; but we did have a deadline to meet, and I’m sure Mr. Philippi had some of those important lawyer type things to do!:)  Thanks Crain’s for yet another super fun one!

MY Elvis mug, along with the, before mentioned, wise photographer’s old refrigerator in the background!:

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