Time Out Chicago, Issue 311: A Space Odyssey (or THE INSIDE!)

Thank you Mr. Nawrocki for thinking of us for this fantastic shoot featured in this weeks Time Out Chicago! I am truly fascinated by the Rainbow Motel (also known as the Pink Palace) and have been for years! I can’t help but think how much fun it would be to work at the front counter for a day, but I am sure I would get into trouble for asking customers too many questions!

Some things you should know before you make your own trip to the Pink Palace:

-Even though the room was clean, bringing our own antibacterial wipes made us feel much better!

-Fantasy rooms are about 85 % bed!

-The motel staff were all incredibly nice and super helpful (they even brought out a new bedspread for us!).

-As I said in the previous post, the inside is even better than the outside!

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Assistants: Sarah Crump and Joanna Patterson
Retouching: Sarah Crump
Hair & Makeup: Janice Knuth
Models: Janice and Theodore Trashington
Astronaut Costume: Fantasy Costume

2 Responses to “Time Out Chicago, Issue 311: A Space Odyssey (or THE INSIDE!)”

  1. Made of awesome! And what better couple!

  2. […] introduced me to so many wonderful people within the industry and we have already worked on some amazing jobs. I find myself laughing every day that I work and am more excited on days that I do work than on […]

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