It’s the Modern Manicure!

What a deal!  Would you believe I found this little gem for $1?!  With the fantastic graphics and the pretty pink plastic box, this is just the kind of thing to make a girl smile-almost as much as the Katy Perry OPI set Melissa just gave to me, thank you Melissa!!:)  I love how inside step 2 says, “Removes callouses, nicotine stains” and I almost believe the line, “Makes glamorous hands possible for everyone!”  I don’t think they took into account those of us who have photography as a profession, where even the best nail polish chips after day two!:)

One Response to “It’s the Modern Manicure!”

  1. It’s true! Those of us who work in photography are lucky if a manicure lasts even two days. That’s my max. *grumble* :D

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