May I have this dance? Happy Holidays!!!

Our Time Out shoot with the House Theater, inspired us to take our set just a few steps further!  Thanks to Mr. Chance Bone for coming back to the studio, throwing on some snazzy duds (thanks to the lovely Liz Klafeta) and spreading some holiday cheer!  To see more of Mr. Bone’s talents, check out his music on myspace, or see him live in person at Schubas on 1/16/11 as part of the group Lionlimb.:)

We couldn’t resist throwing together just a few more images so you too could have the pleasure of a dance with Chance (click on the HD option in the top right corner for better quality!)!  I only hope you enjoy this as much as I do!  Happy Holidays!!!!  XO Lisa

3 Responses to “May I have this dance? Happy Holidays!!!”

  1. I knew you would blow this out of the water.
    Awesome with a side of awesome sauce.

  2. Did he ever end up hooking up with the tree?

  3. […] several years now. You might recognize him from small cameos in some of our previous photographs: May I have this dance?, The Inlaws!, and if you go way back, you may even remember one of his earliest roles […]

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