Seedling Orchard ❤

Dear Crain’s Chicago Business,

Let me count the ways in which we love you!  Thank you for sending us out on another super fun assignment!

Starting at the Green City farmers Market, we were all a little worried about how photos were going to turn out because of the expected rain.  We met Vicki Westerhoff of Genesis Growers and Peter Klein from Seedling Orchard who were both super awesome!  Crain’s and I talked about the additional options on how to cover our bases and my favorite was to head up to South Haven to shoot Peter at the orchard.  Later that day, I had dinner with a girlfriend at a restaurant in Oak Park and my salad had a Seedling vinaigrette!  Yes, yes, I know it’s a small world, but this to me was a sign that we were indeed MEANT to go the orchard!  Lucky for us, Crain’s agreed, the weather was good, Peter was willing, and the road-trip began!  Thanks to Peter for showing us around, giving us some tasty fruit, and letting me pick my first apple ever (ladybug included!)!  Also, check out the photo of Sarah standing in the doorway of the old barbershop-Peter’s trying to save it, if you can help him, you should contact him!:)



check out more photos under the jump!

One Response to “Seedling Orchard ❤”

  1. Again you are made of the awesome!

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