NAKED Billboards!!!!!!!!!!!

I was SO excited when asked to be a part of this super creative project!  With the help of an extremely professional cast and crew, I am very happy with the result (a couple of our favorites can be seen below)! Thank you very much to the awesome and talented Sonny Veneracion for introducing me to Disruptive Retail Thinking (DRT) and asking me to help bring their fantastic concept to life!  An even bigger thanks to the client, Comfort 24-7, give them a call, and you too can be this comfortable in your house!;)  Keep your eyes peeled in the Chicagoland area for the billboards, we’ve spotted a few downtown, and we’ve heard about sightings on I-290, I-294, and I-94!

5 Responses to “NAKED Billboards!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. sonny veneracion Says:

    hahahahahahahahahahaha! ‘love it! ‘can’t wait for it to be up all over chicagoland causing traffic everywhere!!! woohoo!!! ;p

  2. Love this billboard! Made me look! Great work – well done!

  3. Hazel Peartree Says:

    Have there been any reports of sightings of your bare-nekked images on Comfort 24-7’s vans yet? We nearly had an accident on 294 just south of Wolf Road! An altered version of the Thanksgiving Dinner is on the southbound side, while the making musical merriment shot is on the northbound side…. yikes!

  4. Bing Veneracion Says:

    Great job Hon. I like it!

  5. I was the billboard live and in person driving home from WI! I got all excited. It’s even better in person!

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