24 years later…

It was the Summer of 1986 – I was ten years old, about to enter 6th grade and the proud owner of not only a 110 camera, but also, a fantastic, pink, Le Clic disc camera.  Armed with the height of fashion and technology, I was fearless.  At the time, my two closest girlfriends were a year ahead of me in school and quite familiar with the heartthrobs of Kinawa Middle School-Brad Alcini and Jon Moore, who happened to be circling our neighborhood on this warm summer night.  My girlfriends, who will remain nameless (you know who you are!), dared me to take a photograph of these cute “older” boys so they could put it up in their locker. My heart was pounding, a little out of breath and a little bit nervous, I was finally able to catch up with the boys. I introduced myself and told them about their admirers, my giggling girlfriends off in the distance. 2 photographs later, I skipped my way back to my friends, excited to have fulfilled my assignment with great success! The film was rushed over to Meijers for double prints (of course!), a print was given to each girlfriend, and the other two were stashed away into what could be considered my very first portfolio.

Fast forward to the Summer of 2010 when one of my favorite design firms, Smith Design Co, calls me with a billboard assignment for Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital. Looking for “patients”, I made a few calls for talent submissions and a familiar name catches my eye-BRAD ALCINI!  He fit our requirements perfectly.  He was approved by the client and booked on the job!  When Brad arrived at the studio, I was not only able to tell him the story of how we had met previously, but hand him those original photos from 24 years prior!  For a split second I felt like I was 10 years old again! This time was a little different-my clients were not giggling girls off in the distance (but certainly just as fun!) and my fearlessness came from 24 years of practice.

Thank you Smith Design Co for another awesome shoot and a great story!  And thank you Brad & Jon for letting me share these early photos!

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3 Responses to “24 years later…”

  1. My LaClic was gold!!!!
    This story cracked me up! You have gone full circle girl!

  2. Angela Mata Says:

    I love this story…what a small world.


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