Indianapolis Monthly August 2010: Cover

Photo shoots are the best aren’t they?!  Thank you Hector Sanchez for asking us to spend the day at the fair eating corn, cotton candy, and elephant ears!  In case there was any question, I can officially confirm, making cotton candy is MESSY (and fun!)!  Check out our super cool cover (and fun outtakes) for Indy Monthly’s 50 Things Every Hoosier Must Do issue!:

Oh, how I love sweet and sinister at the same time!

Assistants: Sarah Crump, Alex Barnard
Stylist: Courtney Rust
Hair & Makeup: Morgan Blaul
Elephant Ear Artist: Ale Sanchez
Model: Ashley Aspiranti
Painted Backdrop: Tamara Backdrops
Retoucher: Sarah Crump

3 Responses to “Indianapolis Monthly August 2010: Cover”

  1. You really have the best clouds.
    Another great shoot!

  2. Totally awesome!!!!!

  3. “Knee high by the fourth of July.” Lovely shoot!

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