Hooray!!!! Chicago Magazine April 2010: COVER!!!!:)

Look at my cover!  Look at my cover!!:)  We had so much fun shooting this and maybe even more fun putting together our ultra fake set!  I am completely enamored with the rubber mulch (made from recycled tires)-it even comes in blue!

I ❤ Chicago Magazine-please support them and pick one up, or better yet subscribe (I do!)!  Special thanks to Jennifer Moore and Megan Lovejoy-you two ladies are awesome!  

XOXO to all of these people:
Assistants: Sarah Crump, Lizz Sisson, Lauren Butterfield
Stylist: Liz Klafeta
Tree and Cloud Production: Vyto Grybauskas and Robert Chamberlain III
Rubber mulch supplied by Rubber Safe Playgrounds Inc
Model’s wardrobe available at Bloomingdale’s, 900 North Michigan Avenue
Birdfeeder, Chairs, Table, Pitcher and glasses all available at CB2
Models: Eleanor Burke from Ford, Matt Ratliff from Chosen, Biscuit
Hair & Makeup: Karen Brody
Retoucher: Sarah Crump

16 Responses to “Hooray!!!! Chicago Magazine April 2010: COVER!!!!:)”

  1. Love it! It is so fun and colorful great job everyone!

  2. This is fab. YAY

  3. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. awesome. I thought the background was digital. happy to see it is a set

  5. Lisa Roesner Says:

    I love the bright colors and the white picket fence! Very city meets suburbia. I LOVE IT!!! Great job to all!!

  6. Meghan DeBruler Says:

    Great shot and style!!

  7. kathy baker Says:

    well, let’s see, from a creative director’s point of view…hot, contemporary, and about time that you were a cover girl…
    next, the cover of Oprah…..

  8. yay!!! congrats, lady!!

  9. Dina Walker Says:

    Congrats! I have this one at home! You Rock, Lisa!

  10. Nathan Arnone Says:

    Hey Lisa, this is fantastic! Does Biscuit work for biscuits?

  11. Melissa Hennessy Says:

    Right on Lisa! Congratulations!

  12. holly hahn Says:

    Great job Lisa!! Looks awesome Congrats!

  13. Sean Hernandez Says:

    This cover is SO AWESOME Lisa!!! Great Work as always!

    Hope all is well with you my dear.

  14. Beautiful Lisa! With your sense of style and class, no one else does this look as well. Bravo!

  15. Dam you’re good! Now if clients in Vancouver would start being so cheap and cough up some dough. Love everything you do Lisa!

  16. Looks absolutely awesome! Great job!

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